Host an Eat Pray Drum Workshop


“Mark Barfoot, drum maker for over 46 years, will guide you on a journey of making your own elkhide hand drum and beater.

Host Responsibilities:

1. Provide available location where workshop can be held. A spacious room in your house, a studio space, we have work shopped in imaginative places! (barns, backyards, studios, parks, stores/shops, and more.)

2. Host should be able to provide photos of location and an accurate address for GPS.

3. Work with Mark  to set weekend dates/schedule/ details.

4. Provide contact information (phone & email) and be available to those seeking info about workshop.

4. We provide an event flyer. Host should distribute these to strategic locations, provide online link to facebook, websites and the makeadrum workshop page if possible.  (It is helpful if you have an existing contact base or group of friends/acquaintances to outreach for workshop participants.)

5. There is a minimum number of  participants that must signup in order for Mark to travel to the location. Host should be willing to find signups to reach the minimum requirement. This minimum number of people will be provided by Mark, and may vary depending on workshop location/his travel distance and expenses for event .

6. Host makes decisions about  Saturday lunch, whether to provide drinks and snacks during event, or not.

7. Mark provides tables to work on during the workshops, host should provide chairs for participants, plus extra seating for Sunday afternoon teachings, as these teachings are open to the public.

8. The drum workshop weekend can be a flexible event.  Friday night can consist of a sweat lodge drum workshop, a powwow drum workshop demonstration, a flute concert by Mark.  Saturday is reserved for a hand drum workshop, completed on Sunday, along with Mark’s sharing of the Wolf Clan Teachings.

9. Participants should signup as soon as possible before event. Payment must be made online well in advance, as supplies must be purchased and prepared well in advance of workshop date.


Mark Donehogawa Barfoot will share with you his knowledge of  culture, the importance of the drum, and wolf clan teachings, wisdom ways taught for many generations. Mark’s drums have a beautiful resonance, and sound the heartbeat of our Mother Earth. Your drum will be an original work of art that has a deep connection to native ancestors. The cost of the workshop is determined by the size drum you wish to make. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get to know Mark, learn more about culture, and to create your own personal hand drum and beater, plus receive a free water resistant drum bag!”

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