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“During and after my drum workshops , I hear from many participants. The drums they make become a part of their life. They tell me how much the drum they made, drumming and the workshop experience means to them. It is given to me to share Wolf Clan Teachings with you at these workshops to give a deeper understanding of our life walk on Mother Earth. Below are comments and testimonials sent to me.”    Thank you,    Mark

Jay's Sweat Lodge Drum - made in Make a Drum Workshop

Jay’s Sweat Lodge Drum –
made in Make a Drum Workshop

“Recently, I took part in a class with Mark. I wanted a drum with an Elk painted on it. I found Mark’s website and saw that I could make my own drum, and was happy to see there was a workshop close to me.
I made both a shield and lodge drum. I planned to have the lodge drum painted with a “spirit elk” at a later date. I played my shield (hand) drum at a drumming, and people really liked the sound of it. They described it as “pure”. I took the lodge drum with me on a trip, set it down handle up and the picture at left is what I saw. :) Awesome!
If you have questions about the drum or either experience feel free to email me at jaybirdfeather@icloud.com. ”


“Very valuable lessons on so many levels! I love my drum and appreciate the wisdom lessons!”
Drum Workshop Participant, Fayetteville, TN

“Thank you Mark for an amazing workshop!”
Dotti Wickle, Richmond, VA

“I am very connected to drumming, but I had no idea how special this workshop with Mark was really going to be. His patience, kindness, humor, and generosity of teachings made it a very deep and spiritual experience. With him we entered the sacred space of the drum, and away from it we came with profound objects of art, music, and soul. He wove in wisdom and stories throughout the weekend, but I felt like a child sitting at the feet of a dear elder to hear the Wolf Clan Teachings. I came away with this experience knowing myself more than I had before, and it felt amazing. I also have new friends and have become closer to existing friends as a result of participating. This workshop was surprisingly life changing. Thank you, dear teacher!”
 Carrie RedRoot Radcliffe Brod

” I was blown away by the moving teachings that you passed on to us. Thank you! I hope you continue to bring the message to as many people as will listen, the world will be a better place.”
Gloria Rouse, Virginia

“The drum is beautiful and i am thoroughly pleased. It sings wonderfully and is a joy to share my voice with it.  Wopila for the love and time in making for me! The heartbeat of the people never sounded so beautiful.  I say this with a good heart.”
Michael Shelton, CA

“Taiguey Mark! Your hand drums are still going strong after all of these years. Won a NAMMY and another national music award plus we just finished filming for Cinemax’s Banshee season II with your hand drums:) Many blessings!”
Joseph AmaHura RiverWind

“Would like to thank Mark Barfoot for the awesome hand drum he handcrafted, which we purchased at Sarasota Native American Indian Festival . Sounds great and Judy’s super happy. We would love to take his drum making workshop.”
Ed Becka

“Love the drum I got from u at the pow wow in DE.”
Teresa Swinscoe

“Thank you for what you do. I love the drum you made and can’t wait to drum with it at drum circle. I enjoyed talking with you today. Thanks for the flute solo too!! :)”
Donna Winslow Bialozor

“I can NOT say enough good things about Mark Barfoot and his work. I received my drum from him some years ago and it is played often. Still tight and only sounds better with time.”     
Night Sky Watcher    

“Learning from Mark Barfoot and owning any of his hand made treasures is a Great Blessing.”
Sandra Snell

“I am so thrilled with my Drum, Mark. It’s deep voice rekindles my Indian Heritage which I sometimes forget to appreciate and acknowledge. This wonderful Instrument will be with me for a lifetime. Thank you so very, very much. That Raven feather took my breath away when I first saw it. You did a beautiful job on that.”
Jean Dresen 

“I own several of Mark’s drums. Their handmade acoustic wood bands are gentle on the hides and resonate dependably. The drum heads are stretched evenly so I don’t experience sags or ripples when high humidity strikes. I can count on their quality, and durability. Mark guarantees his work and I’ve never had to return a drum. I feel confident in purchasing them as gifts.” 
Julienne Montour, Mohawk
Ogichida Kwe Singers-Detroit

“Would like to thank Mark Barfoot for the awesome hand drum he handcrafted, which we purchased at Sarasota.
“Hi Mark – we’ve hung our new drum that we purchased from you Sunday at the Colorado Indian Market.  It’s already up on our ‘circle’ wall at the foot of the stairs connecting our living room with bedrooms & kitchen upstairs.  We can give it a nice beat whenever we go past.  I know we’re going to appreciate it’s beautiful sounds for years to come.  Thank you.
Grant & Judy Armstrong
Denver, Colorado

If you have questions about attending or hosting a drum workshop, please call or email Mark. He is happy to answer any questions you may have.


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